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Universe Splitter

Tough decision? There's no need to choose --

Split the universe and do both!

Scientists have good reason to believe that every quantum event plays out simultaneously in every possible way, with each possibility becoming real in a separate universe. You can now harness this powerful and mysterious effect right from your iPhone or iPad!

How? Whenever you're faced with a choice — for example, whether to accept a job offer or to turn it down — just type both of these actions into Universe Splitter©, and press the button.


Universe Splitter© will immediately contact a laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland, and connect to a Quantis brand quantum device, which releases single photons into a partially-silvered mirror. Each photon will simultaneously bounce off the mirror and pass through it — but in separate universes.*


Within seconds, Universe Splitter© will receive the experiment's result and tell you one of the two actions to take. (Meanwhile, you will also be told to take the other action -- but that will happen in a separate branch of the universe.) After you've competed the action(s), your two timelines will begin to diverge.*

"The functioning of this app is in complete agreement with the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics."

--Garrett Lisi, PhD, Theoretical Physics

"According to quantum mechanics, every observation brings new universes into existence. But these universes have been completely useless to us -- until now! Universe Splitter helps guarantee that there's at least one version of you who has made all the right choices."

       -- Sean Carroll, Theoretical Physicist, author of "Something Deeply Hidden"


*According to prevailing quantum theory. Universes cannot contact each other. Not responsible for user's actions. ©Copyright 2009 Eric Daniels - All Rights Reserved

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