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Sean Carroll
Theoretical Physicist, Philosopher, author of
"Something Deeply Hidden"

"According to quantum mechanics, every observation brings new universes into existence. But these universes have been completely useless to us -- until now! Universe Splitter helps guarantee that there's at least one version of you who has made all the right choices."

Garrett Lisi
Physicist, Surfer,
Creator of E8 Theory

"The functioning of this app is in complete agreement with the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics."

"OK, so one of my co-workers, David Kestenbaum, started telling me about this thing. And really, I thought he was completely-- I just-- there was no way it could be true. It just seemed completely ridiculous. And then, I got to say, the more he explained, the more it slowly started to seem like, OK, maybe he's right."

"...[Natasha] Lyonne showed me an app called Universe Splitter, which maps the repercussions of small individual choices using quantum theory, and explained that in the writers’ room they’d occasionally use it to 'open up story ideas for fun.'” 

Business Insider Magazine, Nov 3, 2019

Coin flips aren't actually random. An app called Universe Splitter is, though — here's how it works.

Aylin Woodward

In his book, [Sean Carroll] recommends an iPhone app... called "The Universe Splitter," which lets users input two actions, like accepting a job offer or not, into two text boxes. Then you click "Split," and the app sends a signal to a laboratory in Switzerland, where a single photon gets hurtled toward a splitter.

Put simply, the photon can either go left or right. The copy of the iPhone user in the branch of the universe in which the photon veered left sees their app say: "Take the job." And in the universe branch in which the photon went right, their screen will say: "Don't take it."

Presuming that the version of you in each branch heeds that answer, there will be one world in which you take a new job, and another in which a version of you is still looking for work, Carroll wrote in his blog...

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New Scientist Magazine, December 18, 2018

The quantum trick that can help you live a better life – probably

Philip Ball

"The app’s guarantee is that, whatever the best choice might be, you will get to enjoy it for sure – if not in this world, then as another you in a parallel one. Sink back into your armchair, pour a brandy (or sherry?) and prepare to have your mind split apart. We are about to enter the quantum realm – home, perhaps, to many worlds where you can have your cake, and pie, and eat both. Or can you?"

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The Tempest, July 30, 2020

Feeling indecisive? Here's a quantum machine to help you make decisions

Shannon Zheng

"I consider the Universe Splitter a $1.99 well spent. This app is one of those rare gems that somehow rolls physics, entertainment, and a lifestyle app into one..."

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The Talon, August 17, 2020

I spent $2.99 on a universe splitter and it was the best worst decision of my life

Kate Stadler

"I think that indecision stems from a fear of repercussions. Even in grade school, I used to wonder about ripples in the universe — if I, say, stopped as I was walking home to look at a flower, would I be setting a course of events in motion that would result in my or my loved ones’ deaths? Would that one second of wonder make me one second slower reaching a corner, one second slower getting home, one second slower for the rest of my life? Maybe that one second lost might just make my family and me miss boarding a rocketship escaping an imploding earth..."

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