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App uses quantum uncertainty for maximum unpredictability -- which has certain advantages over numbers chosen by other methods 

PASADENA, April 14, 2024 – With lottery tickets winning as much as a billion dollars in recent years, lottery players looking for ways to gain an edge can now harness the power of quantum physics! The new app “Quantum-Powered Lotto Numbers” lets lottery players reach out to an actual quantum device to generate the most random lotto picks possible.

Other apps choose lottery numbers using “pseudo-random” algorithms, which are not actually random at all; they can fall into predictable patterns. But “Quantum Powered Lotto Numbers” will never – CAN never – fall into a pattern. Its lottery picks will therefore have the best possible chance of being unique.

“This is exactly why randomness is so important,” says Eric Daniels, founder of Aerfish LLC, the creator of the app. “True randomness can help you find those unique number combinations that nobody else will find.”

To accomplish this, the app connects to Aerfish's own quantum device in Pasadena, California, which has been certified by the Swiss government for passing the most stringent randomness tests. This device will generate and send back truly random lottery numbers straight to the user’s phone.

Daniels, who is not a physicist but a Disney animator/inventor for more than 20 years, describes the app’s visual appeal: “Imagine if back in the ‘70s, someone had merged a vending machine, a gasoline pump and a jukebox.” The retro vibe is oddly pleasing, even nostalgic.

Is quantum physics the secret to winning the lottery? “Probably not,” says Daniels. “But it does make playing the lottery a bit more thought-provoking … and a lot more fun.”

Quantum-Powered Lotto Numbers costs $3.99 (less than most people spend on a single lottery ticket), and is available on the App Store and Google Play.


About Aerfish LLC: Founded by Academy Award winning Disney animator/inventor and lifelong science fan Eric Daniels in 2009, Aerfish develops unique and eclectic art & science apps. Aerfish also publishes another quantum physics app, “Universe Splitter,” which has been featured on “This American Life” and “The Joe Rogan Experience,” and has been favorably mentioned in several recent physics books, most notably those by theoretical physicist and philosopher Sean Carroll. Company links: Website, App Store


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