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Universe Splitter

Use quantum physics to split your future into new timelines

Universe Splitter

Scientists have good reason to believe that every quantum event plays out simultaneously in every possible way, with each possibility becoming real in a separate universe. You can now harness this powerful and mysterious effect right from your iPhone or iPad!

How? Whenever you're faced with a choice — for example, whether to accept a job offer or to turn it down — just type both of these actions into Universe Splitter©, and press the button.

Universe Splitter© will immediately contact a laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland, and connect to a Quantis brand quantum device, which releases single photons into a partially-silvered mirror. Each photon will simultaneously bounce off the mirror and pass through it — but in separate universes.*

Within seconds, Universe Splitter© will receive the experiment's result and tell you one of the two actions to take. (Meanwhile, you will also be told to take the other action -- but that will happen in a separate branch of the universe.) After you've competed the action(s), your two timelines will begin to diverge.*

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