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Frequently Asked Questions

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"Is this for real?"

Yes, it does exactly what it says it does: it gets the result of a single quantum 50/50 event, and uses that to "choose" between your two courses of action. (It actually shows you both your options, but in separate universes.)*

As for whether the physics is real, it depends on who you ask. Plenty of physicists favor the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum behavior because it makes many of the most puzzling mysteries of quantum physics not puzzling at all.

But back to your question: assuming the Many Worlds interpretation is correct, then yes, this app literally splits the universe for you.

"Do you have proof?"

There's currently no way to prove that the Many Worlds interpretation is correct, but it is possible to confirm that the app is contacting a quantum device in Geneva. Write to if you want to find out more.

"How does it know which universe we're in?"

Remember, the app doesn't "choose" a universe. What it does is echo back to you BOTH of the actions you've typed in,  but in a different universes. It looks like a choice was made, but it wasn't.*

"If I don't do what it says, will the universe still split?"

Even if you don't do what you typed in, the universes will diverge... because in one universe, you'll be a person who feels good that they followed through on what they said they were going to do. In the other, though, you'll be a person who has a certain amount of shame for NOT following through. Those are two different people, and they'll respond to future events in different ways.

"Where can I learn more about quantum physics?"

There are many great books on the subject, but I'd particularly recommend anything by Sean Carroll; he has a way of explaining it more clearly than most. In addition to his books, he has a podcast, and has been interviewed many times on other podcasts.

*According to a leading theory of physics. Universes cannot contact each other. Use wisely; all choices are your own.

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